Basketball courts?

2021.12.08 00:29 the_Custodian_ Basketball courts?

Was wondering if there were any indoor basketball courts in Bushwick or nearby neighborhoods. Willing to pay
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2021.12.08 00:29 caunsequent $FEEL Expansion News

Great news for $FEEL $FEEL.c today as they announced they’ve been granted a license from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency allowing them to sell its plant-based food products throughout Canada and export to other countries.
Highlights of the news

Great to see $FEEL reach this important step and expand across North America, excited to see what comes of this!
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2021.12.08 00:29 EuphoricTrilby The Cultural Revolution continues.

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2021.12.08 00:29 BriefEnvironmental46 All of my cream bronzer products swatched. Hope this is helpful!!

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2021.12.08 00:29 straulin In Trio, two partners couldn't Rez teammate or pick up world melee items.

As the title says, last night I was in a trios match and we had wiped two teams. We went after the final team at the boss lair. Both my teammates were downed but I managed to finish off the other team. I rezed the first teamate but couldn't rez the second. I even had the Necro trait. My teammate also couldn't Rez the third guy. When we tried, it would start then our characters would move almost as if we were selecting a different item in our loadout and and the progress icon would disappear.
We grabbed the bounties and still couldn't We tried different angles and never were able to rez. We went on to fight the other boss and discovered we couldn't pick up world items either. After killing the second boss we came back and our dead teammate had exited so we couldn't try again with additional bounties.
My other teammate later died to a pack of hounds but I was able to rez him without issue.
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2021.12.08 00:29 Erestyn Training her that not every knock is a visitor

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2021.12.08 00:29 Petrix387 I think the renders got updated (SPOILER FOR CHARACTER ANNOUNCMENT)

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2021.12.08 00:29 JayMoony Carrot cake recipe suggestions?

Hi everyone! I’ve lost my carrot cake recipe I wrote down years ago unfortunately (big sad). I’m looking for amazing carrot cake recipe suggestions that s are moist. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!
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2021.12.08 00:29 OrcWithFork ich_iel

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2021.12.08 00:29 Asbew .5% 😎😎😎

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2021.12.08 00:29 misterfirstblood [R/F] Salamangreat for competitive play

Hey guys! I own this deck since a while and ive been playing it over and over again but im still not sure how to build it, especially if i want to run like 6 Handtraps or 12.
No matter what i do, I feel like something is missing if i remove it from my list so maybe you can give me some good arguments why and how you would build it ?
heres my list
Main Deck: 40

Extra Deck: 15
Side Deck: 15
Cards i would love to add if i decide to cut 6 of my handtraps (Ash and Imperm would probably stay)
What are the benfits in running cards like that over handtraps? Well i feel like desires kinda ruins your game when you only have 1 copy of your trap AND Gazelle , even if you may draw the bonus card then, there is probably not a lot of disruptions you can set up then.
Lady Debug would not only increase the consistency, but when i play like 12 handtraps I often have no starter left in my hand and topdeck a card like a handtrap that doesnt allow me any play. In that scenarios i would love to have a lady debug. While parallel is a brick, it would add a bagooska/Dweller on top of your full board and add a layer of disruption more to play through for your opponent.
Gozen was another of these cards that are problematic for some opponents, but they do conflict with the accesscode package aswell as with lady debug, archiver and parallel exceed so im really not sure if i wanna play it anymore.
The next question if i decide to run handtraps is: Which ones are the best 12?
i feel like nib and lancea are the most impactful, but also the ones that can't be used in any matchup for example if you are against invoked, striker, eldlich they are pretty much dead thats why i would prefer having "generic" cards that always have a use in my main. i feel like droll and imperm are the strongest right now, then im not sure. Ash synergies with the deck, belle and veiler also seem good but against matchups like flundereeze belle for example does nothing. whats your thoughts on that?
also with backrow removal, i dont know but im super scared of mystic mine. thats a card that does ruin my day when it restricts me and i can scoop even when i had super hard control in that game. but i cant find space for every card i like so thats really difficult here...
with my extra im pretty happy so far. only thing that doesnt come up often is phoenix, im not sure if i want a dweller or hiita in that spot, but i cant see a huge benefit from playing hiita either.
love to hear your thoughts!
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2021.12.08 00:29 workwithindies Blind Harpy Studios is hiring a Level Designer to work from Anywhere

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2021.12.08 00:29 sanon789 Unstable people

While it is okay to be angry and grieve, you do have to participate in society and be mentally healthy. It is sad the circumcision is a thing after thousands of years and still widely practiced. A couple of posters on here have rung some alarm bells. It is not hateful but it is desperate, crying for help, and just lacking common sense. Please talk with someone around you and it doesn't have to be family. If you feel like you need counseling, please get some help. It takes a while to find the right person. It is a rough topic with male mental health and in most of the people on here, going the trauma as a newborn. I have dealt with depression and anxiety even though I am intact and it's not easy to reach out. It is hard to make steps in someone's life and improve their mental health. While we may not agree on the same thing at times, support the movement, be civil, and keep yourself together.
National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255
organization site
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2021.12.08 00:29 Ok-Abbreviations86 Rek'Sai Top is viable?

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2021.12.08 00:29 henrymykix [H] EXCLUSIVE OFFERS | 120+ Orders | Adobe 1 year License | Office 365 Lifetime | LinkedIn Premium | Canva Pro | Elementor Pro | Grammarly Premium [W] TransferWise

Hello guys,
We offer a wide selection of premium licenses and including a warranty.
We focus on quality and customer support. So, if you have ANY questions, please ask, and we will be more than happy to help you.
Price List DECEMBER 2021 (UPDATED)
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Adobe Premiere Rush - 3 Months Plan - $12
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Office 365 A1 Plus For Lifetime + 5TB One drive - $25
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Grammarly Premium 1 Year (On your email) - $35
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Invideo Lifetime Account - $20.99
If interested in any products please contact us on Telegram/Discord/Reddit and we will get back to you ASAP.
Feedback's are always appreciated at the below thread.
For vouches and price update: CHECK BELOW
Have a great day everyone.
Telegram: elon_marks
Facebook: Premium Stuff
Discord: black_devil#7216
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2021.12.08 00:29 Professional_Ad_3066 Macht mal

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2021.12.08 00:29 harux__x Book I read about two young witch girls and a young boy i read a few years ago :(

it’s a story of two girls one can see visions in a mirror i think ? and the other i can’t remember and they get taught magic by this old lady who lives in the woods and she has a crow familiar. The main girl lives with her mum dad and baby sister and she finds this ladybug stone/ locket which she opens with magic to show a key . she looks around in her room and finally finds a place where to put the key and she goes down through that place to a cold dark room and she sees a book which is a book of shadows which was supposedly left by her aunt which she later finds out from the old woman after she asks her about it. The girl who could see visions through a mirror falls in love with the new boy in school but the main girl is suspicious of him. they eventually find out he has his own book of shadows and he practices magic too but he unleashes ghosts on samhain. then at the end the main girl and mirror visions girl go to her secret key place and wrap the book of shadows in a white cloth and bring it to the old lady. i cant remember the rest but they defeat the ghosts.
random facts: the main girls father is an architect and works on finding stuff where witches from along time ago loved before the salem witch trials.
the main girls mum is very outgoing and when you first met her she’s in the attic looking at old clothes.
the boy that has a book of shadows has dreams of turning into different animals.
the boy put something in the school water jugs (?) making him more popular due to the spell
he old lady at the beginning of the story gives both girls herbal tea and tells them they can do magic if they concentrate more.
i hope it was detailed enough to ring a bell for someone.. thank you !
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2021.12.08 00:29 micahmillarder Budget Advice!

I had originally bought tickets earlier in the year to go to japan for a month in August, but as we all know, it's still closed.... I had originally planned to stay for a month, I was planning on bringing no less the $6,000 USD with me. Now that I have had to wait forever I think I will stay for the maximum of three months, now of course I can 3x my original amount and bring that with me, but would that be enough for that long of a trip? I am curious to know if anyone has stayed that long, and roughly how much they spent. Any help would be amazing!
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2021.12.08 00:29 Gsizzle5000 In heck you always bump your shoulders off door frames

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2021.12.08 00:29 Environmental_Copy19 Hi! I made it to scene 5 on my own this time but now I am stumped! Does anyone know which scene this is so I can STB?? Thank you!

Hi! I made it to scene 5 on my own this time but now I am stumped! Does anyone know which scene this is so I can STB?? Thank you! submitted by Environmental_Copy19 to JunesJourney [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 00:29 3DTudor FREE for a limited time - Skillshare Course (!) INTRODUCING: Stylised 3D Game Model Complete Beginners’ Guide

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2021.12.08 00:29 Harbenger Nervous about how to approach 2 job offers, same type of job, one has significantly higher pay rate

So I interviewed for 2 different places the last week or so. I was verbally given the job offer for both jobs. Job1 said they would email me the offer letter either Monday or yesterday and still have received it. I have received the offer letter and process from job2 already. Both jobs are essentially the same thing, fully remote sysadmin positions.
My hesitation is that Job1 has a much higher pay rate (over 10k) than Job2. I am not sure if I should just tell Job2 that I need to take a couple days to consider the offer or what. job1 would start on 12/28 and job2 would start on 01/04 next year. Either way I would need to give my last day notice for the 23rd because our company shuts down for the last week of the year
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2021.12.08 00:29 IGotGolfTips Traded for a goat

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2021.12.08 00:29 PardnTheInterruption [Xbox] [H] Creds/Offers [W] Tactician Dieci Painted Burnt Sienna, Purple & Sky Blue

Also looking for Sweeper Afterlifes Painted Blk, Burnt Sienna & Purple
Tactician Og Reaper Wheels- Blk, Crimson, Fg, Grey Orange, Purple, Pink & Saffron
Striker Og Kalos- Cobalt, Crimson & Orange
Tactician Astros- Burnt Sienna
Tactician Southerns- Blk, Bs, Cobalt, Grey, Sb, Saffron & Purple
Tactician Cc1 Chakrams- Bs, Cobalt, Lime, Orange, Purple & Saffron
Tactician Flamethrowers- Lime, Pink & Burnt
Tactician Dieci- Burnt Sienna, Purple & Sky Blue
Tactician Sunbursts- Crimson, Fg, Grey, Orange, Purple & Sky Blue
Tactician Blast Rays- Blk, Bs, Cobalt, Crimson, Fg, Grey, Purple & Sky Blue
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2021.12.08 00:29 mccarthy2324 Electric Forest 2022 Lineup

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