Ultimate sadness - Countess Cabaret cancelled for tonight :(

2021.12.08 01:35 buffster95 Ultimate sadness - Countess Cabaret cancelled for tonight :(

So I’m a NYC fella and me and the roomie had tickets for Luanns Countess Cabaret for tonight at 54 Below …. Literally just finished our glass of wine pregame and got the email it’s cancelled today 😢
Just a little vent. Not well bitch
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2021.12.08 01:35 omarxart vague

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2021.12.08 01:35 Thick_Slice 2020 had some pretty good variations

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2021.12.08 01:35 noobmaster6051 This is Bono. He's a bit camera shy, so he never looks at the camera. Still, he is a very good boy!

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2021.12.08 01:35 sp44311 AOS for spouse’s out of status F1 visa

My husband & I just recently got married. He’s been on student visa for his master’s degree but he fell out of status due to signing up for the wrong class. It’s been over 5 months. He just reapplied to reinstate his status but it will take him another 6-7 months before it could get approved. I’m wondering if it will be better that we wait for his reinstatement in a couple months before we start with applying for his green card or will it be better that we just get started now with applying for AOS?
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2021.12.08 01:35 pastelvape help me everyone!

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2021.12.08 01:35 boonerpatooner what ya smokin td

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2021.12.08 01:35 chettadabba Freshman question: when will final grades be released?

I am worried about failing a class and hoping they'll have final grades out soon.
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2021.12.08 01:35 Hot_Dog_Flavour My mounting in thrustmaster t150 just broke. My friend has a t300rs gt spare part, will it fit?

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2021.12.08 01:35 South-Stable3192 How Hard Will This Be?

Fiance and I will be moving into a home that we know has bedbugs. (It was inherited, can't turn down a free house) We will be removing almost everything from the house. What steps should we take before moving in and how hard will this be?
I'm thinking of vacuuming, steaming, then spraying down the whole house. I will probably use Crossfire and Cimexa
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2021.12.08 01:35 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist W LAKE MEAD BLVD and N US 95; EB OVER #1 LT 12/07/2021 02:32:47 PM
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2021.12.08 01:35 omarxart vague

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2021.12.08 01:35 HoTBoY318Lousianna Custom Trunk Stripe | Lincoln Town Car

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2021.12.08 01:35 Impossible_Sir3174 Tech jobs that aren’t programming?

I’ve posted questions here before and have seen many people comment that they work in IT and it offers the best opportunities, pay and wfh flexibility. Most are SD/SEs is anyone in a non-coding position that wfh?
I don’t have much work experience so I’m not sure if PM is for me. I feel like you need a lot of experience in that. I’m trying to get into recruiting but it’s been difficult. I do have a bs degree albeit somewhat useless (liberal arts 😒)
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2021.12.08 01:35 FrkM Post-Match Team Reactions: FC Porto - Atlético de Madrid

Phew... what a match. Let's go team!!
I'll put the press conference from Simeone once is uploaded. I guess there will be one.
Antoine Griezmann
Right now I feel everything. We knew it was a tough game, but we had prepared for it. I am proud of this team. We all fought and worked very well and I am sure that the people here in the stadium enjoyed the match."
"This is Atleti. This match is the summary of the group stage because we knew we were playing here. I'm proud to belong to this team. That's why I came back and I'm really enjoying it. Hopefully we can have a good campaign in the Champions League"
"We are a group. There are players who are on the bench who are fucked up because they want to play, but we need everyone because at some point it will be their turn to play, define and win games. We are united to get where we want to be".
"The season is long and in competitions such as the League or the Champions League there are good and bad moments, especially in these is where we most need the fans as they have done this game or in the last training session where they came to sing."

Mario Hermoso
"We knew it was going to be a complicated match that was going to be decided by small details. The first half was a game of trial and error. We were able to control what they were proposing and we had our chances, although it was in the second half that the goals came".
"We didn't know anything about the other game until the end. We are happy to be in the round of 16, to represent those people who are unconditional and for all the work behind this victory."

About the red cards
"These are things that happen when the stakes are high and everything is on the line. When you play with your heart and when there are 22 men on the pitch. On our part, we apologize to the fans for these things, but it's something that happens when everything is much more alive".

Derbi incoming
"Atleti is the same as it has been for the past year. We are just giving continuity to the project that led us to win the league last year. The results were not going our way, but today could be a turning point for what we want to do. We are going to go to the derby to die".

Jan Oblak
"It's an incredible night. Very happy for the victory, for the team and for the fans. I'm sure that not many believed in us, but in games like this the team shows that we have a strong group. I don't see any limits and if we have to suffer, we suffer. I wish we suffered less, but it's football, it's not always easy. You have to keep your head up when you lose. When things don't work out, when you don't win, when you are playing for your life and you know you are doing your best, you have to continue. You can't be good all season, you have to keep going".
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2021.12.08 01:35 NCF29YT What does this mean?

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2021.12.08 01:35 the_cajun88 LF: any DD Larvitar, FT: stuff up until the Pokemon League

I want to use a Larvitar in my playthrough, preferably with Dragon Dance. I just beat Volkner in my game, so I can trade things from BD up to that point.
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2021.12.08 01:35 kiwipunchplayer How dare you?

I was listening to How Dare You! again and I kinda wanted to know some other people's opinions on this. At one point in the episode they talk about karma and whether or not one should be happy about someone receiving bad karma. So my question is When someone is arrested for crimes (especially reapeat offenders) against a minor (either their own child or other peoples) and is sent to prison and the other people in prison proceed to beat the the ever loving hell out of them (sometimes to death) I want to know what you think? It's only fair I share my opinion so I'll go first It's probably not a good way of thinking but I can't say I'm sorry for thinking like this but in some ways it kind of restores my faith in humanity. It horrible but the idea that these people who have committed crimes of their own have the moral standard to know that NO ONE should commit crimes against a child just makes me feel like there's still hope for the human race.
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2021.12.08 01:35 TerraLunaHODL Nocturn.Fi being released next week, join the waitlist using my referral link below and get priority for launch, thanks 🚀

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2021.12.08 01:35 420jared Nutmeg with vicodin

popped 2 vicodin, can i do some nutmeg ? ive never tried nutmeg and this is my first pill dose. id like to do meg tho
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2021.12.08 01:35 TAmber1213 Christmas help for my Baby girl [[repost]]

Hello! Im a mom to my currently 16 month old baby girl named nova! Baby girl is currently obsessed with moana and vampirina and loves most things disney, coloring, and stuffies! She is a sweet wonderful and creative little girl! She is always trying to learn new things and new ways to do things!! I had her at 18 and we are currently living out of a hotel because me and my other half(her dad)could not renew our lease last march as the house was sold. The hotel is over 600 dollars a week and that takes 99% of our income even with him working extra hours! I was so happy to hear about this program because it offers light at the end of the tunnel for Christmas!! I appreciate any and all who can help it really makes dreams come true for us to see her have a Christmas this year!! We had 3 amazing santas this year who got the things already arrived and a little extra! We cant thank them enough! Repost ×2
On the way:
Arrived: -pua pillow pet -vampirina doll
wish list
Baby girl
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2021.12.08 01:35 elreverendoryan M33, used to be a pro musician and now I make tires. Can chat about anything because it’s boring during the night shift (I live in France), HMU!

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2021.12.08 01:35 Rectal_Shaman New Skate™ game concept art

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2021.12.08 01:35 0kj0se MAX 'MACE' POLAK 's mural in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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2021.12.08 01:35 HellaKhaleesi Mental health doing really poorly because of quota

Hi all -
We got our December quotas last week and even if being a short month and slow month our quotas were higher than October. I also am going on vacation this weekend and taking a day off so got “reduce quota” and it’s still higher than a normal month. It’s looking more grim every day that I’ll hit quota for December. A lot of SDRs are in the same boat. I’m obviously trying trying full force to do so 100 + dials a day.
It’s getting to the point where I’m too bummed to work out and I’m not looking forward to this vacation. I can’t eat or sleep. I’ve been a president clubs member at my old company so not used to straight out failing. My manager is trying to help me out.
I’m not sure what’s to do besides call more?
At what point do you just quit a cut throat company?
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