Bethel Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute Opioids - Department of Justice

2021.12.08 00:07 zsmithworks Bethel Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute Opioids - Department of Justice

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2021.12.08 00:07 73JoRDaN37 Can someone explain me why am I -33 ranks?

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2021.12.08 00:07 Ginnys_journey_ww How to measure humidity in my cheese fridge?

I have a mini fridge with temp control. How do I measure the humidity levels in my cheese "cave"?
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2021.12.08 00:07 ConfidentMushroom GraphQL Editor - The Journey from Initial Release to Version 5.0

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2021.12.08 00:07 JustinRansom "Tila" - Prod by Justin Ransom (spanish sampled boombap type beat) [Free To Use]

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2021.12.08 00:07 Shamoodle-Official Best Christmas horror movie?

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2021.12.08 00:07 Jinx-jinx_ I recently found out I’m scared of putting my hands in an oven but not scared to put my hands in fire is there anyone who can relate cause I feel weird

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2021.12.08 00:07 Top_Display1763 Julio Urias Pro Debut card $20 and $5 for shipping and handling

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2021.12.08 00:07 Bort_Bortson I know when Doge will launch. And so do you.

Think in your life who is reasonably sophisticated about money and keeps up on current events, but has no knowledge of anything you currently associate with Doge.
When that person asks you about Doge, make any final arrangements because that is the sign.
Reasoning is simple, by the time it reaches that point, we are past the early adoptors, speculators, HODLers, etc, they have all bought in and now it's time for the money to start making moves, the next people to jump in are those who will rush to get in for basically FOMO. They hear there's this thing called Doge, and maybe they should look into it, it's the next Bitcoin, a gold rush, whatever you wanna call it. That rush will cause prices to rise and create a feedback effect, prices go up, more publicity, more interest, more buyers, and round and round it goes. A situation like that actually creates momentum, which will drive the price past what it will eventually correct back down too. Think of IPOs, there's a rush and an eventual correction down once all the hype dies down and the price settles closer to a true price.
I know who in my life that person is. When they ask me about Doge, I know it's time.
Why I am in with Doge: I remember hearing rumblings years ago about Bitcoin, Pokemon Go etc, well before anything mainstream occurred and prices go insane, there was little news coverage, mostly niche things, I saw the signs but was too hesitant and not in a position to attack, but I've decided that this time I won't miss out.
I have that one friend who has his pulse on the internet who knows about this stuff, who knows well before what the next big thing is but doesn't have the means to act. We're well past that point with Doge but haven't reached the next point of when you start hearing co-workers, parents, etc talking about these things and as that happens or soon after the price explodes.
I see the same possibly happening with Doge. Crypto is now somewhat mainstream, but Bitcoin and similar are too expensive, it's too late for regular people. Other cryptos are fly by night, pump and dump scams, etc. Doge has been around just as long, it's gets referenced, but not anything mainstream. If we keep talking, keep making it legitimate, keep it in the back of people's mind, eventually it will happen.
Good luck everyone.
PS: by the time the Marge Simpson in your life thinks Doge is 'neat' the trip is over, but that's for a different post.
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2021.12.08 00:07 Osama_mameladen How could you mess that up?

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2021.12.08 00:07 Mate__ Best rust gambling strat 50% of the time it works all the time

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2021.12.08 00:07 zsmithworks Trump Media company names Devin Nunes as CEO - Livemint

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2021.12.08 00:07 SpiralBarrage Was Jump Force's Roster That Bad, Comparisons to J-Stars & And what/how should the next Shonen Jump crossover roster be balanced?

J Stars' Roster
Now J Stars has always been considered to have the better playable roster by many, and for the most part, I can agree with that, 39 fighters from 24 series is pretty good, but it wasn't as perfect as we all remember.
One Piece had 4 reps in Luffy, Boa, Akainu, and Ace, more than anyone else, even Dragon Ball did.
Some characters were giving movesets that barely showed off all of their powers like Medaka and Bobobo ESPECIALLY.
There were some questionable choices on that roster: Taro's inclusion was an eye roll since the manga was so gross that his series got cancelled.
Not to mention there were a lot of characters that were reduced to supporting and NPC characters. In fact, Jump Force added some of these characters in: Rukia, Hisoka, Kurapika, Kakashi, hell Zoro and Sanji are nowhere to be found in J Stars.
It also doesn't help Jotaro, Dio, Dai and Yoh Asakura were in the files but nothing got done with them, which means Shaman King missed out on a crossover before Shueshia lost the license.
It's still a solid roster, 8-8.5, but not without it's flaws.
Jump Force's Base Roster: the good and the bad
The fact that there are Youtubers who claim the game should've had 80 characters at the freaking start, wondering where Fairy Tail and other franchises that aren't even from Shonen Jump during the speculation was pretty insane. But I don't think the roster was as bad as people made it out to be 40 characters from 16 franchises...still better than Capcom's roster side than Infinite, but seriously Let's go from most controversial to least.
Everyone agrees Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto had way too many reps but can agree those are the big th-four-yeah sucks Bleach was taken out of the picture but whatever. Granted I can get both sides of the argument. I think at the most, they should've gotten 4 reps at best or cut one from each group.
I'm tired of Frieza in these games having the same generic moveset, but him, Goku and Vegeta are always gonna be in. I'd keep Trunks, but Cell's got the most boring moveset of them all if the number was cut to 5, and then Piccolo.
The Monster Trio would obviously stay. Sabo and Sanji are both fire elementals, but he was the new hotness at the time, and people keep wondering why Boa makes it in despite being high on their incognito search history. Blackbeard makes sense as a replacement to Akaniu, but because of the size issues and problems people have, I think he should've been replaced. If it were up to me, I'd switch Boa for Reiju but that would cause an even bigger backlash, so replace Blackbeard with Katakuri since Big Mom and Kaido would probably have the same size issues, and if you had to fight over Sabo vs Boa for that fifth spot..that's a toss up.
Naruto/Boruto is a toss up. You've got people who want Boruto gone simply because they hate his series (tbh he's the new hotness), Kaguya for not being Madara (makes sense for a female villain and the strongest one but Madara is loved more in the west), everyone fighting over their love for Gaara over who should be in, Kakashi being in but having way too many similar moves to Sasuke. It's really hard how to appease everyone with Naruto's roster. It's either replace Gaara and Kaguya with Sakura and Madara so you have Team 7+Naruto's son+Madara, get rid of Kaguya and Boruto and replace Gaara with Madara and run the risk of having three Sharingan users with similar's so tricky.
Props to Togashi for getting 6 reps in his base roster from Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter, but people really have problems with both roster choices. Everyone turned their love for Younger Togoro into anger for Hiei not getting in, Kurapika's reception was mixed too, and regarding the DLC announcements, it would've probably been for the best if Mereum took Kurapika's place while Hiei took Togoro's.
Bleach. Well people wanted Rukia. But while I don't hate Renji, too many people were lukewarm on his reveal, so Bleach was either comfortable with 3 reps or Renji could've been replaced with Yoruichi and Toshiro. Unless people who were mad Rukia was an assist character were mad she was promoted to playable.
JoJo's made sense. While people hate how much attention part 3 gets, Jotaro and Dio were planned for J Stars. We'll get to the DLC later.
People wanted Yugi so it worked.
While I haven't seen Saint Seiya, it's popular for a reason and I remember it's announcement was well received cuz it's popular in Brazil and Latin America. Seiya not being in would bode questions, though Shiryu was one I know people asked why he was included
Ryo was another unexpected prick but City Hunter is a cult classic, especially in France. Same with Kenshiro, who people want at all costs.
Asta, Dai and Izuku...well people want Dai but a big criticism is that Black Clover and My Hero Academia should've had more reps in the roster to begin with. Aca got 3 more for DLC but no Yami, Noelle, or Yuno.
Rurouni Kenshin keep it's same roster as they did in J-Stars. Frankly if they weren't included, that'd be a bigger catastrophe than Tsuna not getting in.
So is Jump Force's roster bad? Nah. It's got some shaky picks, but I get the logic and some just needed to be changed and swapped around in regards to DLC.
The DLC choices weren't too bad
Toshiro & Grimmjow were obvious choices people wanted, Majin Buu should've been replaced with Kid Buu, Biscuit was too unexpected and Meruem should've probably got in first, My Hero Academia were clamoring for either new villains or the core three and All Might so himand Bakugo got in, Madara should've been, Law probably should've took Sabo's place looking back, and it was awesome to get another YuGiOh rep in Seto Kaiba (would be nice if Joey or Marik were next, but hey crossover).
Then there was Meruem, Hiei, Shoto, Yourichi and Giorno. We talked about Meruem and Hiei, Shoto you can argue for making it in over someone else, but Youirchi was highly requested, and one could argue Giorno vs Jolyne since Part 5 wasn't too far and Part 6 was potentially getting annouced, which it was.
So the DLC helped, but there were some questionable choices.
Well they could change things around so there would be 5 or 6 more characters rom different franchises so the roster would've had 22 reps
Koro Sensei, Tsuna, maybe another Black Clover rep in Yami, Gintoki, Medaka, and Tanjiro
So what should the next crossover do/have with their roster?
Go for a bigger roster than just 39 and 40, King of Fighters XV and XIV can get up to 39 and 48 respectively, or keep the number but focus on the selection.
No franchise should get more than 3 reps. Goku & Vegeta will always be common but they don't need Frieza in every crosssover, it'll be Naruto & Sasuke but that third person could be anyone: Madara/Boruto/Sakura/Hinata/Orochimaru, One Piece can pick anyone, but they have to wow the audience.
So 16 franchises is too small, and J Stars got 24, so 20 franchises at the minimum should be picked. For new franchises, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer should be picked, and for older ones: Ultimate Muscle, Psyren, To Love Ryu, Black Cat, Shaman King etc, should be considered.
As for certain selections
I don't think they should focus too much on the heroes vs villains dynamic: granted J Stars had 7 villains, Jump Force's base roster had nine, which is still better than Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. But say if Hunter x Hunter only had two slots, people would flip the f out if Hisoka was chosen over Kurapika. Get the stars and the oddballs.
And just make Light playable. Basic normals but for supers, specials, and extends, have Ryuk do the fighting for him and for his super, the heart attack while he laughs in a cinematic akin to the table writing.
As for the female characters, which is naturally a problem Shonen's gotten better at, that would be pretty tricky cuz while some rando Anti-SJW reactionary channel would see some article pointing out it's a sausage fest only to delete it and erase it once someone points out different videos with top 10 list requests with female Shonen characters, sadly I think if you can't fit just anyone (everyone female character announcement but Yourichi and maybe Rukia overall was controversial) , there probably won't be a lot. Granted something like Black Clover getting two reps in Noelle and Asta wouldn't be too much of a problem, but....
....I'm also not sure what to consider if they pick one character from a franchise that's well liked, but isn't the main. Like if devs were stuck between choosing Tanjiro or Nezuko and they went with the latter, I could expect some outrage.
Regardless of it's a 2.5D or 3D fighter, one thing I'd want from fighting game crossovers that Smash is the only series to do, it's having multiple boss battles. Not just an RPG system where the boss is super overpowered, no do something like size or NPCs you can't necessarily play but you can fight, so you could do something with villains who can't make it in the game or play into the crossover: i.e.
This won't ever happen, but Yoh using his Shaman powers to free Ichigo's soul and power his Oversoul into Amidamaru Zangetsu to battle Big Mom stealing the souls
Goku fusing with Gon to take on Mereum and Cell fusion (we're gonna sume they make a hybrid moveset just for fun)
Hiei and Toshiro: dragons of fire & ice vs Marik using Polymerization to fuse Kaido with the Winged Dragon of Ra
Asta in complete devil form (I need to fully watch Black Clover) vs the Otsutsuki: devil vs gods
Luffy and Deku fighting Giant Overhaul and confusing him from Eustass Kid
Yeah yeah it's fanficy but screw it, it's a crossover, have fun with it. We don't need original characters. All you gotta do is come up with some lore reasoning say, Frieza wished the Dragon Balls to resurrect villains or recruit allies from other dimensions and the heroes have to team up and stop them.
Also figuring out Shonen Jump rosters is hard.
One of the reasons I'm so mixed on Shonen Jump vs Capcom is that I think the best course of a game would to be focus on the roster on the 2000s boom with series and Capcom franchises that feel anime or capture that Kids WB/Toonami/4Kids vibe (Viewtiful Joe, Mega Man Battle Network/NT Warrior, YuGiOh, Shaman King, Naruto, Power Stone, Asura's Wrath, Okami) but someone would immediately go "put Future Trunks and Mega Man X in cuz they're heroic sucessors from the future," it's so hard.
And Jump Force proved you can't please everyone, but now we know what people want: a well balanced roster where the big names don't take up the majority of slots, and enough representation from all over Shonen Jump.

So what did you think? Seriously this took me so damn long to write. I would've talked game mechanics but that's not my expertise other than make it more fun and less button mashy, potential for competitive play to make it 2.5 D or just make a arena brawler with more depth and mechanics ala Cyber Connect 2 meets Kill La Kill If but that requires work. Hell I haven't even been able to play Jump Force, I'm that broke.
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2021.12.08 00:07 Cyborg_Patat There should be penalties for players who drop mid-game

That's pretty much it. Players who drop mid-game form ranked matches should be penalised, because they're fucking over their team.
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2021.12.08 00:07 chiquitacaquita What was your most confounding customer service experience?

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2021.12.08 00:07 neighnvm left this company because it was toxic as hell, ghosting the ex colleagues and in two weeks time, i have to go back to finalise some paper works. i wish i don’t have to go and see them at all

i worked for this company for about 4 years. started fresh after my undergrad studies. for all my time there, i’ve been overworked, tossed with others’ works because they think i was capable and ‘trusted’ me of doing everything while there’re many others literally sit around and do nothing! my boiling point was when they have the audacity to alienated me after i confronted the asshole who kept coming at me (badmouthed me to the others and also, my clients while pretending to be a victim in every storyline). and sadly while not surprising, others believed her because 1, she worked there longer than i was at that time and 2, she’s very manipulative, two-faced people who often paved their way in bringing others down. i decided enough is enough and i quit, one of the best decisions i made this year! that job isn’t what i wanted to continue to be doing too. since then, i stopped any communications with my ex colleagues. they tried contacting me asking what’s wrong which made me sick to my stomach! acting as if they weren’t apart of the problem. now, i really wish to not go to the company ever again. the thought to see them makes me anxious and obnoxious.
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2021.12.08 00:07 zsmithworks How QAnon hijacked Hollywood stories to spread conspiracies - Los Angeles Times

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2021.12.08 00:07 RaisaCrochet New dinosaur in my project. The collection can be viewed at opensea, "Dino Tad". ❓Can you please tell me the channels where can I find collectors?

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2021.12.08 00:07 MalConstant Totem Skin - Pretend (FFO: Trap Them, Converge, Entombed, MØL)

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2021.12.08 00:07 dakdak881 Outer Banks Season 3 Extras

Anyone know how to become an extra for Outer Banks Season 3? I know no official dates of filming have been announced yet, but I am just wondering how and where I should be looking to sign up to be an extra. Distance isn't an issue btw
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2021.12.08 00:07 Redditpersonmandude My Theory on the Smps Ghosts

So before I start I would like to say I took inspiration from a comment from Revivebur's song revived but I can no longer find the comment. Anyway here's my theory when your final life is over you normally go straight to limbo however its possible for your personality/Soul to slit due to Negative Life-Altering events, creating to different beings I like to call a red and a blue. The Blue is the "good" version of you which can range from Saint to Neutral and the Red side is the "bad" version of you which can range from completely evil to Neutral. This is what happened to Wilbur and when it did his Red took charge of Wilbur thus starting the Villan! Wilbur arc. Blue finally regained control after the first explosion of L'manburg and begged Phil to kill him, and right before Wilburs last life was taken Red regained control killing both main Wilbur and Red while causing Blue to be ejected from the body. This sent Red to the Limbo becoming Revivebur while Blue became Ghostbur. And that's why Revivebur is so much different to normal Wilbur because he's only one half of Wilbur. And that's my theory!
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2021.12.08 00:07 OffspinMusic96 This one slaps gs

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2021.12.08 00:07 TreTheSaneBoi It ain't much but here's my collection!

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2021.12.08 00:07 Ok-Dealer-5946 My friend (19M) is being super weird with me and I (19F) don't know what I've done. Help?

I used a throwaway account just in case.
Basically, there is this guy that my best friend and I are super close with. We both, along with some other people, had a suspicion he liked me and we have had flirty conversations and he's (normally) always calling me beautiful and I felt like it was heading in a nice direction. He has been going through some very heavy stuff recently that he wasn't comfortable with sharing with me (which is totally understandable) and for the past 3/4 days he has been pretty quiet, but I saw him yesterday and today and I can't say that he's been the nicest to me. Yesterday I was going to sit next to him and he told me to fuck off and sit somewhere else which I thought was pretty weird but I let it go because I know he is going through something and basically the rest of the day he was just very distant. Today, he did seem a bit down in the morning. I sat next to him in our morning lecture and he didn't even look at me once or say anything, not even a hello, so I was like fine and didn't talk to him either. As soon as it was over my best friend came to get me and he smiled at her and that was when I started to think it was slightly weird. Then later on today we went out with a big group of people and he seemed to have warmed up a bit (not to me lol) and he was laughing and talking to people and went to talk to my best friend, but completely blanked me. I was going to leave with my best friend and I walked past this group of guys he was with and he just shouted 'bye' and winked at me and I'm pretty sure it was because a few of the guys there are openly trying to pursue me and I was just like 'oh so now you talk to me'. I asked him if I could call to talk to him about something and just straight up asked him what his problem was and why he was acting this way towards me and he said he just wasn't happy and I told him that I knew that he was going through something and that I was there for him but it just felt it was very directed at me, and he said 'well you're hardly someone I want to talk to when I don't feel like talking to anyone' and I felt like crying. I feel awful because I know he is going through something big and I feel like I'm making it all about myself, but I'm just feeling really shit because he has gone from being one of my closest friends to this. What should I do?
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2021.12.08 00:07 ejsfsc07 If you had to choose one, which would you rather be in the Guinness World Records for?

Probably longest hair, assuming I could tie it up....
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