When you get to the Task Based Similations and they have 6+ exhibits

2021.12.08 01:23 pjo98 When you get to the Task Based Similations and they have 6+ exhibits

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2021.12.08 01:23 Whey-Men Calif. - Judge rejects prior court-indicated plea for ex-Kern detentions deputy who had sex with inmates, sentences him to jail

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2021.12.08 01:23 anaonmise COVID test! For Gregory Alan! What do I do?

So I’ve got the Gregory Alan Isakov concert tonight at 8. I checked the Eccles theatre and they state a COVID test is required for entry. I don’t have one. Are there 1 hour tests around? I can’t miss I this concert! I missed the last 2 due to miscellaneous circumstances.
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2021.12.08 01:23 ZCheekyCheese Can't stop coughing

Female, 18, ethnic Chinese in Norway. Weight 120 pounds, height 5'4.5(164 cm).
5-6 weeks ago I came down with what I assume was a common cold. A lot of coughing, pain in throat, stuffy nose yeah you get it. The cough died down for like some days before it came back again. Negative on COVID test twice. However, the cough has seemed to start triggering my gag reflex somehow. Everytime I cough nowadays I start gagging and I get the need to vomit. Yesterday I even vomited out my dinner. The coughing doesn't seem to come to an end either.
My question is is if I should go to the doctor or not? Also, is this just after effect of a cold or something else?
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2021.12.08 01:23 Fit_Impression_4828 Moonlight Marauder

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2021.12.08 01:23 DanielF823 Thoughts on the Toshiba X300 drives?

I have been using a 4TB WD black for almost 10 years now... Before that I had RAIDed 1TB WD Blacks and they all likely still work to this day
I want to hop up to a 8TB,10TB or bigger drive and the X300 is like half the price of a new WD_Black (It is/would be used as the Large Slow Tier Storage in a FUZEDRIVE setup)
I hear a LOT of mixed reviews on the X300 and it's a situation where it's like "You get what you pay for"
Anyone have any real experience with the Toshiba X300 drives?
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2021.12.08 01:23 lllDead magic mushroom powder can I get high if i touch it?

Yes or no?
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2021.12.08 01:23 WuhanUniversityCOCK Guardian pupper

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2021.12.08 01:23 Bearofthehighseas My first

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2021.12.08 01:23 xanaxcervix Fucking nice seeing sub going a little coocoo together as a group just like in 2018

I still remember the energy here before Carti put his album. People were doing some crazy stuff. Cant say im against that. Go off. Chaos.
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2021.12.08 01:23 ITNerd_Eze Recommended certs?

I have two IT degrees (Associates) in Administration and Security, and a CompTIA A+ degree. To open the door for more entry level opportunities, what certs should I focus on? I'm thinking at least Network +.
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2021.12.08 01:23 Queenofredlions98 What do you say to your partner when you want to have sex with them?

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2021.12.08 01:23 ZoolShop The 11 essential items you should keep in your car as Storm Barra causes traffic chaos

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2021.12.08 01:23 Sovetika 1960.09.17 - TV Guide

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2021.12.08 01:23 OriginalUsername5000 How to make Save the World more profitable, and worth increasing development on.

Hello everyone,
As Epic Games is likely aware, a decent size of the playerbase is vocally unsatisfied with the current lack of PVE content. In my opinion, the reason for this lack of content is due to the Battle Royale mode simply being more profitable, via cosmetic packs, v-buck purchases, and the fortnite crew membership.
However, I feel that there are a number of changes Epic Games can make in order to increase the income generated by the Save the World mode, and thus making it a good idea to increase development for it, and provide more content.
Here are some ideas:
X-Ray Llamas The current problem with X-ray llamas, in my opinion, is that they often don’t contain what the player is looking for. If a player wants to obtain Dragon Scorch, for instance, and they instead find a hero they already have in the X-Ray llama, there is little reason as to why they should purchase the Llama.
My solution to this problem is a mechanic I like to call Llama Vouchers.
Llama vouchers would work similarly to research vouchers or hero recruitment vouchers, but unlike them, Llama vouchers can only be used to recruit heroes from the base game, or from the expansion sets. Event heroes cannot be recruited by Llama Vouchers.
Similarly to regular event vouchers, there would be two types:
Llama Recruitment Voucher (For Heroes)
Llama Research Voucher (For Schematics)
Golden X-Ray Llamas would always carry one of these two vouchers, and Silver ones would occasionally carry them.
Llama Rarities Another issue with this current program, in my opinion, is the rarities of Llamas. Normal X-Ray and Silver Llamas offer little value for high PL players, and Gold ones often don’t have what the player is looking for.
My proposed solution to this is to base llama statistics off of Power Level. The stronger a player is, the more often a high tier llama will appear. This will both make X-Ray llamas worth purchasing for high-power players, and also prevent low-power players from obtaining extremely powerful weapons too early.
Other Llama Rewards + Special Llamas While the Llama Voucher system would be a strong idea to increase the demand for X-Ray llamas, there are ways that I believe it can be further optimized.
I believe that Evolution materials and Re-Perk should be rewards in X-Ray llamas. The amount given should depend on either the Llama rarity, or the players power level. This, along with Llama vouchers, would make X-Ray llamas much more valuable and worthwhile to the player.
The next thing I want to cover are special llamas, which usually cost 1000 vbucks. The problem with these is that they are almost never worth picking up, except in possibly the early game. Thus, I have some proposed special llamas that would likely be purchased more often.

These shouldnt be released too often, in order to increase their demand for when they do.
Attracting BR Players In order to make a strong profit off of Llamas, we need active players to buy them. The best way to get these in my opinion is through cosmetics.
These are just some ideas, but putting these skins in Save the World would encourage Battle Royale players to purchase the game, play through it, and engage with the x-ray llama system.
Distributing these cosmetics to content creators would be good for advertising them - we’ve seen plenty of BR skins gain popularity from popular players using them. The slim models of the husks would also make them popular with competitive players, and the relatively humanoid shape of them would make it relatively easy to reuse the existing models.
These skins should be placed behind somewhat mid-late game milestones, in order to increase active playing of Save the World. Using them as Storm shield endurance rewards is an option.
Other ideas: Unfortunately, I do not know which devs are currently active on Reddit, but if you think these are good ideas, feel free to tag them.
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2021.12.08 01:23 tankfullofblocks They’re waiting…

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2021.12.08 01:23 12tie Arm the children!

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2021.12.08 01:23 Markotron3000 Tétouan | The White Dove | MOROCCO |‎ تطوان الحمامة البيضاء المغرب

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2021.12.08 01:23 Reverie232 After researching, lurking this page like cray cray I committed and got a septum! What do you think?

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2021.12.08 01:23 HolidayAnxiety2080 Dragonite raid adding first 5

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2021.12.08 01:23 Impressive-Ad-564 🤣🤣

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2021.12.08 01:23 Ok_Bag_7477 Dragon's dogma on most played games section of American eShop

Over the Witcher 3 (complete) and monster hunter stories 2
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2021.12.08 01:23 Teno_Vee Last time I got JIPped on Acid, I was 17 & Pissed. This time "not so bad"! 😁

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2021.12.08 01:23 PaulAnthonyLive Thinking of moving over ( Canadian questions )

Hi guys
Fairly newish to crypto and have been burned by most exchanges due to Canadian rules.
Was thinking of moving over to crypto.com, had a few questions before I take the plunge..
1) can I do limit buy / sells & stop limit sells?
2) apparently you can do a bank etransfer to crypto.com, eliminating the need for shakepay? How smooth is this process for Canadians? ( rbc to crypto ).
3) I love coinbase because I can cash out to paypal, how hard is it to get money out of crypto.com back to rbc?
4) is crypto.com a wallet aka are my funds safe there or is it considered an exchange and I need a separate wallet?
Thanks so much guys
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2021.12.08 01:23 regian24 This is the way.

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