Message for all Dr Squatch employees

2021.12.08 00:03 ManateeMan47 Message for all Dr Squatch employees

Thank you for your wonderful products, and customer service. now that I have said that I must say how I feel, and I hope you will read it.
With the price we pay and the amount we as customers buy I believe that we should have the option to choose ups or FedEx or a more reliable service. I have ordered from you multiple times and normally my package is sent in the week. What drives me crazy is that you use the USPS only. I would like the option to pay for another mailing service. With how much this company has grown and sells constantly I find it hard that a deal could not be made out with a more reliable mailer.
Now that I have said my frustrations; keep doing the awesome job you do! Please, think on this though!
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2021.12.08 00:03 Tricky_Yak_6859 ZA HANDO
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2021.12.08 00:03 Impossible_Head659 4pf bloodline puppies , American pitbull puppies and Pocket bully puppies for sale dm @osamafromlv

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2021.12.08 00:03 RaisaCrochet New dinosaur in my project. The collection can be viewed at opensea, "Dino Tad".

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2021.12.08 00:03 AlbatrossReddit [Serious] What is the biggest favor someone has ever done for you?

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2021.12.08 00:03 GameOnBrother Destiny 2: How To Get Halo's Magnum Exotic, Forerunner, From The Magnum Opus Quest

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2021.12.08 00:03 Narrow-Light-6252 Drew these a year ago first time drawing these dragons

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2021.12.08 00:03 Aaaaaa93 Has Ali ever even allowed her poor grandma to meet her kids?

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2021.12.08 00:03 According-Ad6046 A Satisfied Conscience bug that prevents you from progressing.

On the Brotherhood of Steel mission 'A Satisfied Conscience', if you run past and choose to pick up a note, you soft lock the game. It will prevent you from completing the quest and accessing any other missions with the Brotherhood of Steel.
I doubt there is a fix besides restarting your character.
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2021.12.08 00:03 clockworkgalaxy_ Can the expansion of (x_1+x_2+...+x_n)^n ever have a term to a power greater than n?

For example if we expand (a+b+c)3, then we will get many terms but none of them will have a power higher than 3. The highest power terms will specifically be a3, b3, and c3
Is this true for any multinomial and any power? I think it is but I don't know how to prove it.
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2021.12.08 00:03 AussieBossie24 [Serious] Let’s say I had an ex that I still love greatly. How would I say that to her?

So we dated for a few months over the summer, but one day she got back from cheer camp and told me it was over without telling me why. But no matter what she says I’ve still loved her without question. So how would I tell her, or should I wait?
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2021.12.08 00:03 Remseey2907 Congress Tells Pentagon and Intelligence Community: UFOs Are Serious Business!

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2021.12.08 00:03 norlandooWasTaken simfile (sm) to json conversion

  1. yo this has probably been asked and answered MANY times before but how do i convert dance double sm files into fnf json files
  2. ive tried KE .sm folder and it didnt work (hold notes were glitching out a ton and yes, i was using latest version) and fnf-to-sm (only converts dance single) and that also didnt work. please help this has been making me suffer for so long and ruined a chart i worked on for a whole week
  3. (if this matters, i chart for the roblox game "friday night bloxxin", and when my converted charts are added in the game, the hold notes are really, really buggy and most of the time arent in the right places. in the regular engine when playing it doesnt do it, but the hold notes do bug when u open the chart in the editor.)
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2021.12.08 00:03 medium-item My existing addresses arent showing up on metamask, why is that?

Instead it shows new address, how do I get connect my existing address??
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2021.12.08 00:03 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Dr. Hamada: Omicron May Provide Natural Immunity ¦ NTD on Rumble

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2021.12.08 00:03 Demon_Gaming2010 ???

Is it true when you see whisper it's a legends limited if so I got it but didn't get a legend's limited
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2021.12.08 00:03 hamanger Does anyone in the UK sell polarisers for dual-screen models?

I recently got my hands on a Squish Game & Watch, it works perfectly but the graphics are all very dim. I've tried it with multiple sets of batteries and it doesn't get any better, so I think I need new polarisers.
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2021.12.08 00:03 anon5600 White girl, Pakistani boy relationship advice.

I (22f) need advice on my relationship with my boyfriend (26m). We have been together for 2 years and I am white British and he is British Pakistani. He has a strict Muslim family and has not yet told them he has a girlfriend. We have a very deep connection and he is a great man, however, he doesn’t feel ready to tell his family about me as he says he could be disowned.
My problem is not that I want him to tell them right away, I just want to establish a timeframe when I can expect him to tell them. I just want to know that it will happen eventually, and that he wants that with me. I struggle with feeling like he is ashamed of me because his parents would disapprove because I am white.
Realistically I know how hard this would be for him, but I expect a level of commitment that I am not currently feeling. His words don’t seem to match his actions currently. I treat him as if I had the intention to be with him forever and let him know this, however he seems to be hung up on his family situation. I don’t know how long I can stay a secret as I feel disrespected even though we have a true love connection and he’s a great boyfriend and treats me so well. It’s just a hard situation for me as I feel that there is nobody more suited for me.
I know it’s hard to give advice without knowing the person but I have nobody to discuss this with so thought I would post it.
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2021.12.08 00:03 hulaaahop Am I being ghosted?

So I’ve been talking to this guy since SeptembeOctober. We met on hinge. Since I was abroad we didn’t meet until I came back and it went well, we had two dates and it was cool. I just got out of a relationship so I was okay with taking things real slow. Fast forward to two weeks ago, he tells me that he’s really sick, we keep texting and I try to be there for him without being too much (old me). Then last week he told me that he has been falling out of it (referring to the dating etc.) because he has 2 jobs and he helps his family a lot, so I understand that it can het overwhelming. I said that I understand and that he should take care of himself. Even though I wish he let me be there for him irl, but we’re clearly not there yet. He also deleted his social media accounts (I made sure with my fake account lol) He hasn’t replied to my last texts and it’s been a week :sad face: I liked him and I liked the pace of our relationship. I don’t know if I’ve been ghosted or if I should just let him breath and give him his space.
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2021.12.08 00:03 Cyber-Raccoon The Best Cyberpunk Games - part 1 of 2

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2021.12.08 00:03 TheHickeyStand ABC reader poll: What is the greatest Ashes moment in the past 40 years?

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2021.12.08 00:03 OsvaldVonWassermann Jordan Stevens (Yale Asst. HC/Co-DC) named Maine head coach

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2021.12.08 00:03 Kubrick_Fan I made my first ever custom race today, feel free to have a go

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2021.12.08 00:03 PepperAntique Wait, is this just GATE? (41/?)

Previous / First
The next day, after waking up oddly relaxed, James went to the stable to meet Gixelle.
He felt bad about not keeping his promise to take Steve out riding. He'd intended to take the drake out to the nearest river so he could drink, relax, and stretch his legs. But the conversation with the princess, and it's resulting emotional distress, had lasted into the night and exhausted him.
But today they would ride for sure.
When he arrived the first thing he saw was Maxel sitting outside of Steve's pen patiently. For all her yellow serpentine qualities, James couldn't help but be reminded of a grey hound sitting on it's hind legs. The yellow drake seemed like it was inconvenienced by being the very thought of being here.
As he was thinking this, the doorway between the pens opened up. Gixelle walked out with a large bundle of leather and wood that he assumed must be Steve's saddle. When she saw him she used her head to beckon him over, her hands being full of the saddle set up. He jogged over to help.
"Good morning James. Come help me lay this out so I can show you how it goes on."
"Yeah, no problem. Good morning." He replied. As he jogged up the door slammed open again and Prince Artair came hobbling out on a crutch. His right leg was wrapped in bandages and had two wooden rods going down each side.
"Yeah yeah, morning morning. It's great to be up, and alive, and ten fucking miles from my goddam bed." The prince greeted them. As he got out side he quickly closed the door and leaned up against the wall next to it, breathing heavily.
"Morning sunshine." James said with a mocking smile as Gixelle handed him some of the saddle. "How's the leg treating you so far?"
"Oh. As you can see; it's fucking fantastic." The prince replied as he began massaging the limb through the bandages. "On the upside, I'll get the better part of a month without any of you around because of it."
"You're not going with us tomorrow?" James asked, not really surprised.
Artair pointed at his leg. "Healers said I need at least another week before I can even consider riding. Much less going on a week long journey and then riding back."
"Eh, fair enough." James replied as he laid out the saddle following Gixelles gestures.
The saddle was odd. Unlike any James had ever seen before. But that didn't surprise him too much either. Steve was a creature unlike any James had seen before coming to this world. So it made sense to him that the saddle would be too.
As they laid it out Gixelle explained it to him.
"All the riders that attended chipped in for the materials and labor." She told him. "That's just how we do first saddles for new riders. But they lent more than that." She pulled a long, somewhat rubbery piece of leather flat in the middle of the clustered components. "They lent knowledge. You're not the first bristle neck rider. Hell, we have one other just in this country. And two more besides that in the clan total. We've ridden with those members before. So we made sure to put in some of the common features."
"Like what?" James asked.
"Well," She said finally getting the piece completely laid out. "like this piece. Steve's fur is nice and soft. I'm guessing it actually feels pretty good to sit on right?"
"Yeah, it wasn't bad." He admitted.
"Because of that, a normal saddle seat. The rigid, preformed, kind isn't necessary. This," She pointed at the leather in front of her. "will be your seat. Go on feel it."
James stepped forward and felt the seat leather. It was about an eight of an inch thick. It was remarkably smooth and soft. Instead of feeling like a saddle he felt like it was meant to be used for a nice pair of gloves. It couldn't have been cheap.
"That's Wobbamong belly." Gixelle said.
"It's fuckin' what?" He asked, perplexed at the clan mother's nonsensical words.
"Uuuum, think like a giant toad. Only it has three tongues and its eyes can put most creatures in a trance." She said. "But their skin makes for excellent leather once it's conditioned."
James just stared at her, horrified at the notion of what she'd just described.
"Go on." She said. "Twist it. Pull it. Try to push a finger through it. That stuff is incredibly stretchy and durable."
Cautiously, he did. Sure enough the leather seemed to stretch well beyond what normal leather would. He couldn't help but admit that it probably made for great gear.
"That will sit on top of Steve's back. It'll provide a bit of cover so that you can avoid getting his hair anywhere you don't want to. But it'll also stretch and conform to fit him comfortable so that he doesn't feel too constrained." She lifted a large hard leather arch with a small rounded nub on the front. "This will be your saddle horn. It'll hold that taught up front. Then your stirrups and your saddle bags will hold the rest of it in place. Now come on, let's get this on the beast. You're doin' it. Not me."
The process of getting the saddle on Steve was.... difficult.
The drake wasn't even happy to have the muzzle on its face. But that was enchanted to resist damage, so he didn't have a lot of choice in the matter. The saddle was only enchanted on its straps and saddle horn. And even those were only enchanted lightly in case they were pulled on too hard. James had to be very careful not to let Steve scratch at the saddle too much.
Steve was not a fan of any of this.
After roughly an hour of chasing the drake around his pen and scrambling to get the various components in place, James finally managed to get the saddle assembled on Steve's back. The downside was that the only way to keep Steve from forcibly removing it, was for James to be ON the saddle. Steve wasn't willing to begin raking the saddle with his claws while James was on it, nor was he willing to thrash about and risk causing himself pain if he incidentally caused James injury.
But, ultimately, James was successful.
As Gixelle opened the external gate on Steve's pen James rode the massive drake out slowly. The reins weren't like normal reins that other new drake riders used. Instead of fitting a bar or strap into Steve's mouth, instead it simply clamped onto some of the fur on either side of Steve's head. Steve actually reacted well to these. He turned left and right when James pulled on them, even lightly. He had a feeling that they reminded Steve of the first ride they'd had together. Speaking of which, the stirrups were amazing. They were a touch difficult to get into while he was wearing his combat boots, but once he was in them they were comfortable, and he was capable of getting out of them just fine.
After he'd successfully saddled and mounted Steve, and gotten him out of the pen, Gixelle climbed onto Maxel and the two of them began riding. Artair just threw his hands up in exasperation. He'd basically been forgotten about during the saddling process, though in fairness he hadn't exactly been helping anyways.
James and Gixelle rode for about an hour, eventually reaching a bend in the nearby river. Once they got their they both dismounted and tied their drakes to separate trees. The leads tying them were long, long enough that either drake could roam for a good thirty yards in any direction. Steve and Maxel drank from the river, and Steve watched curiously as Maxel's head darted into the water, emerging with a large fish in her teeth. Steve tried to copy it, and instead ended up with a mouthful of river mud.
"Solid effort bud!" James said to the drake it shook its head off. "I'm gonna be brushing that out of his fur for a week."
Gixelle laughed lightly. "How was the ride? Any issues with the saddle?"
James turned to her. "No. The saddle's great. That seat is so cushy with his fur under it."
"Told you." She replied. "Now tell me what's going on with you."
"You've been off all morning." She said. She grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him to face her. Then she looked him up and down. "On the one hand you seem like you're... relieved, about something. But on the other hand your eyes are a bit red and puffy, and you've been quiet. Last time we rode together you were all questions. This time you've barely said a word. What's going on?"
James looked away, uncomfortable with how easily the older woman had read him.
"Just uh. I just kinda, think I finally let some stuff hit me last night that was overdue. Dam kinda broke, you know?" He said, looking down at the ground.
"Was it about your friend?"
"A good bit of it yeah." He admitted. "But um, some other stuff too."
"Yeah? Anything you want to talk about."
James considered this. He wasn't sure if Gixelle would understand. But then again the woman had spent more time fighting and taming monsters than he had even been alive. Maybe she'd understand better than anyone else.
"Has the clan ever gathered all in one place?" He asked. "And not for the big meeting party things you told me about before. But like, being summoned all to the same spot."
"What? Like being summoned to war unexpectedly?" She asked jokingly.
"Yeah." He replied. It was clear to her that he wasn't joking the way she was.
Her face hardened. "It's been a long time. Years before I was born, even. But it has happened."
"What does it take to make it happen?"
Gixelle looked at him warily. "James. What is this about?"
"What would it take Gixelle?" She could tell from his tone and from his face that he was worried about something.
She called Maxel over, the yellow drake lazily strutting over to her with Steve following. Once they met Gixelle climbed up and reached into one of her saddle bags. James noticed that her arm seemed to reach further into the bag than it should have been able to, and that the bag didn't seem to bulge or stretch because of it. But that was a curiosity for a later time.
When she returned she was carrying a small horn. On the sides of the horn were glowing glyphs that he knew embedded the item with magic. There were a lot of them. She held it up. He reached for it, but she pulled it back.
"You, can't hold this James." She said. "Only I can. If anyone else handles it, it'll crumble to dust."
"That horn summons the clan?" He asked.
She nodded her head. "If I blow this horn. Every clan member in the world will begin heading to my location as fast as their mounts will carry them. These horns are only blown in dire times."
James looked at the horn, and then back up at her. Then he nodded understanding.
"Good. Keep it ready." He said.
"James what is going on?" She asked. "Why do you want to know about this?"
He thought for a moment. "Last night I spoke to Amina." He said at last.
"Oh?" She said, a slight smirk on her lips.
"Not like that." He assured her. "We spoke about the history of our worlds. Namely, the difference in levels of bloodshed and amounts of wars."
"Oh?" This time she wasn't smiling.
"I think." He paused. "No. I know that my people are trying to come here. And if they do.... I don't think I want this place to be destroyed." He admitted. "I mean. I still have a lot to learn about this place, and it definitely has it's flaws. But even still, I don't want things to go the way I think they might."
"You think your people will destroy this place?" She scoffed. "Nobody's that powerful James."
"You might be surprised." He said. When she looked at him, she saw that he believed it.
The two of them stood there silently for a moment. Then he spoke again.
"If I ever use my signal to summon the clan. I don't think it'll be to induct a new member Gixelle. I think it'll probably be to warn you to blow that horn."
She looked at the horn, then back at him. What he was implying scared her more than anything she'd faced in a long time.
A while later, after the two drakes had drank and eaten their fill, the two of them rode back in silence. Gixelle helped him take Steve's saddle off and store it in the stables. Then the two of them went their separate ways to ready for the next day's journey.
Later that night, in the room of the god's door, another portal opened. This one was a little larger, and flickered less than the last one. It still only lasted several seconds. But before it closed a suitcase, made of hardened polymer, dropped through it.
On the front of the suitcase were two notes. One was addressed to "SPC CHOI, JAMES M." the other was addressed to "His Royal Majesty, King Farrick". None of the guards present could read the words. But a runner was sent to alert the king anyways.
Inside the case, padded by Styrofoam were five bottles of alcohol. There was Scotch, Vodka, Wine, a large bottle of Austrian beer, and a bottle of Tequila. Tax payers would never find out about them, but each bottle was worth at least three hundred dollars back on Earth. These bottles were easily discovered. Anyone looking into the case would only see them and the Styrofoam. And if someone were to remove the padding the case would be empty afterwards.
But the real prize was hidden embedded deep within the padding. When James returned to the castle his phone received instructions in a (painful to read) mixture of Spanish, Korean, and English about the hidden contents of the case.
At the same time that the case of alcohol was being dropped through the portal in the castle, another portal was opening up elsewhere.
The location of this portal was several thousand miles away from the castle, and just a few miles away from a small fishing village on the edge of a small lake. Like the second test opening this one flickered a little bit, and was also only about five or six inches wide. Just like that test it only lasted a few seconds. Another small black ball dropped through it, landing on the ground.
Several flashes of light strobed out from the black ball. Then, once again, the little ball popped and emitted a foul smelling smoke.
Nearby a group of small furry humanoid creatures saw the flashes of light. In fact one of their scouts was temporarily dazed by the intense brightness of them. The creatures moved toward the source of the unexpected interruption of their raid. But by the time they got to it, the device had already destroyed itself.
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2021.12.08 00:03 TheEpicAlec FACT OR KAPPA? | Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay - Episode #21

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