Obvio no son la misma persona, pero igual solo puedo decir c dura

2021.12.08 01:29 otrousuarioxd Obvio no son la misma persona, pero igual solo puedo decir c dura

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2021.12.08 01:29 songintheair When did 2v2 stop giving Gladiator?

Done a lot of googling and can't find an answer to this. Does anyone remember exactly which expansion/season they stopped giving Gladiator title in 2's?
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2021.12.08 01:29 jaylikesdominos Do you do drugs (besides marijuana/alcohol/etc) and do you find videos of people embarrassing themselves on drugs funny?

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2021.12.08 01:29 pronerainbow87 Advice on design patterns

Hi all.
I'm pretty new to .Net and web development (in a professional sense) in general.
And I've just started learning about repository, mediator, and CQRS patterns.
For some context, I'll be building a web app next year, which is essentially an online database for reports, with some basic CMS functionality such as posting articles.
I've been using MVC with Razor for the past 5 months, and it's not really my thing.
So I'm thinking of using C# for the backend API and React for the front.
Would there be a pattern you'd recommend me looking in to before starting this?
All suggestions welcome, as I'm way more of a front end dev, so this is all quite new and daunting.
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2021.12.08 01:29 Cheesedic Fuck rescue animals.

I am a proud owner of 2 rescue cats and one rescue dog. Let me start by saying that I really love all the animals. They are wonderful. My main issue is with all the individuals that provide any services to the animals. To get the animals over the past year was an act of God. It would have been easier to get a child then a pet. No one called you back and when they did they treated you like shit. The application process was insane. Home visit, Day trips, if I had just gone to a breeder I could have gotten 2 dogs with half the hassle and half the cost.
Since I have gotten the dog I face constant stigma. I cannot find a pet sitter to save my life. I have tried so many people and I am offering so much. We have not been able to leave our house for a year.
The hoops that every person in the pet industry makes you jump through is ridiculous. If you ever want to board your pet it takes an act of Congress. You have to do pre visits, then post visits then play dates.
The people at the vet office are rude. In fact every person to date I have worked with are mega assholes. This is the most pleasant dog in the world and all i get is “why has he not had ____\. Up to date. Can you please abide by the COVID restrictions?
The animals are wonderful. Everyone around the animals are like carol baskin and joe exotic. I would pay so much extra to be able to go on vacation and deal with people who are nice.
As it stands right now the people that are in the pet industry are making it not worth it for me to have a pet.
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2021.12.08 01:29 Just-an-Exo Taken Shader

I wish there was a taken shader or at least armor set. I’ve looked through posts here that people say it would have to be for specific armor, like the effect for riverine dawn, But people forget it’s already in the game for the taken essence effects for the astral alignment and Last wish. It’s already there and I vote we get it! The taken fantastic looking. Also bring back Glowhoo!!!
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2021.12.08 01:29 Cillianneal Anyone looking for a decent duo partner silver 4 in both twos game modes and keep getting bad teammates

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2021.12.08 01:29 LettuceAndHookers Allah is too strong I must retreat

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2021.12.08 01:29 averagejoe556 questioning stop here. what’s it like to be aro?

i’ve just started thinking about the possibility of me being aromantic and i wanted some advice from the community. i’ve never really had crushes or a desire for dating. but i’m not sure if that’s me not being ready for a relationship or if that’s be being aromantic. any advice is appreciated :)
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2021.12.08 01:29 TerraLunaHODL Nocturn.Fi being released next week, join the waitlist using my referral link below and get priority for launch, thanks 🚀

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2021.12.08 01:29 NixinBeta [WTS]Panda Pigeon SB Dunks sz10.5 [$590]

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2021.12.08 01:29 EricSchC1fr January 6 committee casts a wide net with over 100 subpoenas for phone records

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2021.12.08 01:29 AznChimp Need help or a guide on building AK.

I am interested in building my first AK that fires .223/5.56. I also would like to have a side folding stock and a hooded front sight like the “Chinese Type 56 S2”. Can anyone point me towards on how much it will cost and where to find the right parts?
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2021.12.08 01:29 otakudiary1 MAPPA Draws Original Illustration For Jujutsu Kaisen Character Satoru Gojō's Birthday

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2021.12.08 01:29 alohamistrhand Handyman that specializes in winterizing exterior doors.

I’m fairly handy but I’ve actually found it tricky to winterize a door and still ensure it shuts properly. I’m currently trying to find a vinyl door bottom threshold replacement that fits my existing door, without luck.
At this point, I’m willing to outsource this job. Anyone have a handyman or business that specializes in this?
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2021.12.08 01:29 Knario1954 Weird_Things

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2021.12.08 01:29 Mr-BeaverBallsss If you're at a low point right now... well these video's helped me out, I hope they help you too!

  1. https://uii.io/Qi0Y8yH Start doing whatever the f*ck you want to do.
  2. https://uii.io/VpoH Stop procrastinating https://uii.io/AL8V You WILL get stronger and thing ARE going to get better.
If you're done with something, just want to change or whatever you want to achive, just take slow steps and don't give up. Even in moments you think it's useless. The world won't change, but you can! Readig this is already the first step. Keep up the good work, whatever the f*ck you're trying to do or change, I'm proud of you, go show em what you're made of!
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2021.12.08 01:29 Polarize4777 When you get your first legendary 3 star 5 costs and give him full dmg items

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2021.12.08 01:29 jaxigar "Good girl" issues.

So my SO has been struggling to mate two of her GSD's together due to the female. She doesn't appear to be the least bit interested in him. She gets very aggressive towards him when he tries.. The "outside" pack leader is our giant malamute and when he's in range, she's flagging like the end of ww2. Outside of forced breeding, is there anything I can do to help her?
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2021.12.08 01:29 otakudiary1 Mieruko-chan ‒ Episode 10

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2021.12.08 01:29 Defymind36 How long should a one shot be?

How long should a one shot be?
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2021.12.08 01:29 CrouchingPuma Is there no pre-install for the Halo Infinite campaign?

I find it shocking that for their biggest first party game in at least 5 years Microsoft doesn’t have the option to preload the game. They’re doing a simultaneous global release and are really going to make everyone download presumably 50+ GB after the fact?
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2021.12.08 01:29 Ion0X I Made Myself Sound Like A Hextech Enhanced Piltovan ( The Dongers Town )

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2021.12.08 01:29 iamfanboytoo What D&D is BAD at, and why vet DMs will often say, "Use this system instead."

I enjoy D&D. It was my first RPG over thirty years ago, and upon death I will hopefully be cremated and compressed into a d20 so my mortal remains can terrorize players and DMs for decades more.
But D&D is a tool for storytelling, and like any tool it has good uses and bad uses. Sure, one could use a screwdriver as a crowbar to pry open a door, but one breaks and bends a lot of screwdrivers that way - conversely, you COULD use a crowbar to open up a toy's battery compartment, but good luck getting it back together!
D&D's forte is anime-esque high fantasy without a lot of focus on reality. Magic derived from various sources (gods, nature, the self); sentient beings with racially distinct physical abilities and characteristics living in harmony or conflict with each other; a world either in decline from a previous golden age or on the rise to a new one: these are all stories that D&D excels at telling and it needs at least two of those in order to thrive. It's also a very 'crunchy' system when it comes to character creation, with many possible valid ways to build characters which rewards players who enjoy the hell out of that style of play.
What is it BAD at? Well, quite a bit from a story prospective, so buckle up - but first, the tl;dr version:
1) Any story that needs more realistic, grounded damage - or 'damage' that isn't physical.
2) Any story with vehicle battles on a wildly different scale from personal battles - or multiple scales.
3) Any story where the main difference between characters isn't race or class, but skills and powers.
4) Any story where the conflict isn't resolved through combat regularly.
5) Any story without spellcasting or magic items.
6) Any group that needs quick mechanics and choices that are easy to grasp.
Now, for the detail.
Any story that needs more realistic, grounded damage - or 'damage' that isn't physical.
Damage in D&D isn't realistic. You're up and fully capable of fighting whether you're at max HP or 1. And this is FINE, for the kind of stories it's good at; a character spitting up blood as he launches a final attack is a staple of anime.
But plenty of other RPGs don't do this; a staple of many systems is the 'damage track' where as you take more damage, you take penalties to represent how badly you're injured. This is a fine compromise between D&D's "Up til you're down" and other systems that are FAR too complicated in where and how you take damage to each limb or head that have mostly fallen away over the past four decades.
And on top of that, damage scales badly upward. If you need something to be a threat regardless of the player's level - like, say, a chump gangbanger armed with an Uzi - in D&D terms they simply won't care as they level upwards. Either it'll miss their higher AC, or they'll simply absorb the damage with their increased HP. Bad storytelling there.
Another thing it's bad at is non-physical damage, which is only represented in the Fatigue rules (which I'm willing to bet that 80% of DMs ignore entirely). Insanity for stories of supernatural horror like Call of Cthulhu and social standing for stories of court intrigue like Legend of the Five Rings? Mostly treated as "save or suck" effects with maybe a half-page of description in optional rules sections, rather than core features of the game. This also ties in heavily to 4), but is more a part of the 'damage' section IMHO.
Any story with vehicle battles on a wildly different scale from personal battles - or multiple scales.
Imagine that you're trying to put giant anime robots into D&D. You don't want them to have regular Hit Points, because that would mean they could be killed by a bunch of guys with swords and that's boring - you want them to be fighting other giant robots.
So you decide that they have "Mega HP", where 1 MHP = 100 HP, and that only weapons on that mega-damage scale can hurt them. Bam, job done, you roll over, not knowing the terror you've released... because regular players still need ways of hurting them, which means hand-usable Mega Damage weapons, which have totally invalidated the normal HP that normal people have since even the weakest MD weapon deals 100 regular damage, which means you need MHP armor to protect them, which means...
Fucking Palladium. Some games, like their old Robotech line? This works. But in Rifts and other settings where you regularly mix normal damage and mega damage? Nightmare.
Any story where the main difference between characters isn't race or class, but skills and powers.
Quick question: How would YOU do Avatar the Last Airbender in D&D? Almost everyone qualifies as one class (the Four Elements Monk) and even if they're not, they're pretty much restricted to Fighter, Monk, or Rogue. Reproducing it faithfully in d20 would either be boring or require so many new rules that you've written your own book for it.
ANY story where there aren't several different races providing a base upon which to place the dozens of magical classes falls apart when transplanted into D&D. A Ghostbusters game where the players are working together to trap ghosts and the main difference between characters is that one's the face, another's the researcher, and another is the techie maintaining the equipment?
Any superhero game?
Pretty much any game set in the modern world fails hard when it comes to D&D for this reason and 5) (but more on that later).
Any story where the conflict isn't resolved through combat regularly.
This is pretty simple: The weight of D&D's rules are in combat, not outside of it. Once again, this isn't BAD, it just IS; and having quick and easy sneaking and social conflict rules are a boon for groups that want to focus on killing things without worrying too much about the before and after.
But a setting like, say, Star Trek? Quite in addition to all the other points there are dozens of adventures in Star Trek where the conflict is resolved without a single weapon raised, but through knowledge, negotiation, and mechanical wizardry (which would be a single pass-or-fail skill roll by the rules), and outright conflict is almost always a failure.
There are quite a few good settings, from spy thrillers to My Little Pony to Star Trek, where the d20 D&Desque system is a poor fit.
Any story without spellcasting or magic items.
A HUGE amount of D&D is devoted to magic, particularly magic created by people's supernatural powers. Even in the 5e book, a third of the book is magic spells and rules for spellcasting, with 6/13 classes being devoted to using said spells, 3 more being heavily influenced by their spellcasting, and only 2 almost entirely ignoring the spell rules and lists.
Now, there are settings where you could make this work. Numenera would be comfortable with the D&D magic rules and most of the other D&Desque trappings; it could easily be another Prime Material plane (and I say that liking the Numenera rules!) But a significant number of other settings would be HORRIBLE.
Take Star Wars. ONE class would use any kind of magic in there (two, if you split Sith and Jedi). Everyone else would be locked into non-casting Rogue, Monk, Barbarian, or Fighter subclasses, which isn't enough variety by any means. Or Call of Cthulhu (again) where one of the few effective weapons PCs can wield against the supernatural ARE spells that anyone can learn regardless of class... but learning and using them eventually drives the PCs insane. Or almost all the old White Wolf settings (Vampire, Werewolf), where most supernatural powers are inborn abilities that you activate, versus being spells you fling around.
A big part of D&D are the spells and the magic items. Cutting that out guts far too much of the game.
Any group that needs quick mechanics and choices that are easy to grasp.
D&D is not a hard rules system, but neither is it easy. A big part of the complexity is in the character creation, which makes it very front-loaded; and some decisions rooted in legacy D&D make it a smidge harder, like keeping the 3-18 attribute system when the only thing which MATTERS is the attribute's bonus or penalty. The other half of the complexity are in the tactical combat options, where there many possible choices and ideas to use.
Now, once again, this is FINE. It's what D&D is all about. But we all know at least one player who sticks to Barbarian, Fighter, or Rogue because they have the simplest options available - you hit things and they die - and often will only do things out of combat when prodded. Part of this often comes from choice paralysis; they're there to hang out with friends and don't want to make a bunch of hard decisions which will strain their brain.
Contrast that to Savage Worlds. Attributes and Skills are the dice you actually ROLL - have a Stealth d6, you roll d6. This is smooth and intuitive even for absolute beginners to understand. Using playing cards for initiative is quick and simple. The combat being based around "Up, down, or off the table" is easy to grasp, as are the extra options of using non-combat skills to put opponents in the 'down' condition to make them easier to take off the table. Even spellcasters aren't overwhelmed by massive lists with some good and some bad to choose from, thanks to their beautiful idea of magical 'trappings' and using energy to make spells stronger if needed, eliminating redundant spells if needed. Why have a Fly spell and a Levitate spell in D&D, for example, when they're basically the same thing and one is just faster?
Thanks for coming to my NERD Talk.
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2021.12.08 01:29 Patient-Artist7069 They're returning, IDK how to feel

TL;DR at the bottom!
I wanted to discuss this based on my own opinion, then I'll stop because Ik you don't want to her me bitching.
So Madison's return has made me the happiest I've ever been in terms of FTWD news. And her returning brings a lot of story points forward they can use.

  1. How Nick died, and how she said that if he's left alone he would should be a good start.
  2. A follow-up would be what will happen with Charlie. Which I'm hoping ends up with Madison killing the next chance she gets. (This would prove that Madison is still herself, or has a part of her old self)
  3. Madison reuniting with Alicia, Strand, Daniel, and Luciana. Which means they HAVE to bring Daniel and Luciana in the spotlight.
All of which I'm happy about but I'm pissed that she has to return to a literal shit-show. They're trying to retcon a walker bite and it could end with Alicia dead and leave Madison by herself. Or they could keep her alive and MAdison loses one of her best friends in Victor. Or maybe both cause I+A don't love OG Fear.
TL;DR ~ Idk it just seems like it's going to be a failed ratings ploy. They've used Madison like that before and I don't doubt this is another instance. Hopefully, they'll respect the character, us fans, and what's left of this show's dignified legacy. If it were me I'd just kill everyone off who wasn't an OG and ship Morgan, Dwight, and Sherry to the Rick movies.
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